Practical info

Visiting hours

Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11am > 7pm


Show admission price

6 € (free  for children of less than 12 years old)
  • Free admission for young people of 12-25 years old> meet at the SPORTS AVENTURE area
  • Free admission on the day of the event for "challengers"
  • Free admission for women on Thursday 13

Motorway access

  • follow the "Halles des Foires de Liège" signs at the different entrances to the town
  • in town : follow the "Vert Bleu Soleil - Halles des Foires" signs
  • by train : 2 railway stations (Liège-Guillemins and Liège-Palais)
  • by bus : TEC line 1, 5, 6, 7 (Coronmeuse)


A cloakroom is available in the show entrance hall.

Visitor welcome

For all practical information, visitors can find a welcome stand at the hall entrance.  A large amount of information can be found there, the entry from for the "Rallye Vert Bleu Soleil" competition and the show catalogue in order to allow visitors to best prepare for their visit.

Mobility-impaired people

There are several sites reserved near the entrance.  Subject   to reservation, a wheelchair is also available to visitors at the hall information centre.


All of these services are located at the show entrance hall.  In addition, other toilets are available between halls 2 and 3.

Cash withdrawals

The "Vert Bleu Soleil" hall allows its visitors to withdraw money at the (external) cashpoints.  If, however, you are already inside the show and you need to made a  withdrawal, just go to the information centre (entrance hall) and a receptionist will offer you an exit pass to allow you to  enter and leave the show. 


Catering areas are offered by the exhibitors, Also, there is a self-service area in the entrance hall.


Accomodations in the Province of Liège :